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 Dog Training Problems web site will offer you a wide range of subjects to help you solve your dog training problems. It is all too easy to let little habits develop into annoying bad habits that ere then more difficult to alter. Dog Training Problems alerts you to amusing actions, which will turn into annoying habits. You just need to know what to look out for.



Do you realize that you are probably giving your dog the wrong signals?  So Dog Training Problems will help you understand your dog’s character better. You will be able to give him the right signals at the right time, improving communication between you. Dog Training Problems will tell you how important it is for you to be the “Alpha” dog in your pack.

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Have you just bought a puppy home? Dog Training Problems can show you how to take the stress out of the early days, showing you how to gain your puppy’s trust, which can accelerate his learning. Learn how to avoid the chewing problems, a period which all puppies go through, it is unavoidable, but in the Dog Training Problems, puppy article you‘ll learn how to avoid the worst of it.

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How about having a bit of fun. Visit the Dog Training Problems, “ Agility” article, where you learn how to get started, in the most enjoyable way to bond with your dog. The greater your bonding with your dog the easier he will be to train. He will listen to you more, and therefore be more attentive

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Dog Training Problems encourages you to be a responsible dog owner.  One of the most anti social habits a dog can have is being aggressive. So many people think their dog will never bite.  Please don’t wait for the first time, for it to happen, understand that under a series of unfortunate events all dogs will turn, if only out of fear. Dog Training Problems helps you to learn to recognize the very early symptoms.

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Dog Training Problems has many other articles and is constantly adding new ones to help you.


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A Happy Dog is a Happy Owner.


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"My 105 pound Newfie would steal food from the dinner table, and then viciously snarl and bite if I tried to take it away.  But after using the techniques in your program, Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer, my dog will now let me roll him on his side and take ANYTHING out of his mouth!  Your tricks really work wonders.   I'm convinced that you are one of the best dog trainers around!" -- Barbara Allen, Santa Ynez, CA


 "After studying the content in your program, I was able to take my dog with me to Peet's Coffee, in Berkeley, and put him on a "down-stay' while I went in for a newspaper and mocha-latte.   And guess what?  When I came back outside he hadn't even moved DESPITE several other dogs walking around him.  It's like having a whole new dog.  I think any dog owner should buy this program!  It really reveals all of the secrets to getting your dog to listen to you!" -- Edward Cummings, Manhattan Beach, CA


 "The videos and audio tapes-- not to mention the book-- played a key part in helping me keep my sanity while dealing with puppy behavior!  If you're like me and have a new puppy for the first time in your life, or if you've owned a dog for years, I highly recommend 'Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer!' "
-- Dan Gallapoo, Dayton, Ohio  


 "I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed 'Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer.'  I have employed several of your methods on our dogs with great results.  The best part is that you not only share your methods of training but you also explain 'why' the method works and why other methods that are generally accepted really don't work."
-- Gene Varner, Texas