Stop Dogs Eating Poop

How To Stop Dogs Eating  Poop

Dog Coprophagia (eating faeces) is one dog problem that to us, is a filthy habit that we cannot understand, and we need to stop dogs eating poop, for their own health and our peace of mind.

It is fairly common in young dogs up to a year old, but can be a problem any  age. Little research has been conducted into how to stop our dogs from this upsetting problem.

There are however many tried and tested training methods we can try to correct this habit, it is trial and error as what works on one dog may not work on another.

The problem can be due to behavioural or underlying medical reasons, so a visit to your vet to find any such problem is your first action. 

As this unpleasant habit can put your dog at greater risk of various diseases, do be sure that your worming and vaccinations are up to date.

There are many reasons why your dog or puppy eats poop.

  1. They like the taste, it’s just what some dogs do.
  2. They might eat to hide it after having been told off for doing it inside the house.
  3. They may have a mineral or vitamin deficiency.
  4. It could be boredom, stress or anxiety related.
  5. They could see it as a toy, something to play with.
  6. Could be a learned behaviour, copying another dog.  Puppies see the bitch cleaning up in there den.
  7. Some medication can start a dog eating its poop.
  8. Under and overfeeding, so either the dog is hungry or if fed too much, has not digested the food properly, so the poo has “food” value.
  9. If you have changed your dogs food to a high fat diet this can start the habit.
  10.  It can be a good way to get attention, so do you entertain your dog enough, both mentally and physically.

But  a lot of the time they just like the taste of it, and it becomes a habit.

How can you stop your dog eating poop?

Firstly do not punish your dog, this is counterproductive.
Saying “no” and giving a little growl to stop him as he is about to eat is OK, and then to immediately reward him. Running away making silly noises can help distract him, to run after you.

Do teach him the command “leave” and always reward when obeyed.
All retraining methods must be consistent.

Start by feeding good quality well balanced diet, and feeding two times a day at specific times.

Always clean up any faeces as soon as possible.

Be sure to play with your dog to stimulate him mentally and physically, and provide him with lots of toys.

You should be able to find various products at your local pet store to help deter your dog from eating faeces.

Adding 1 tablespoon of pineapple juice or  couple of slices of  fresh to your dog’s diner can help, to stop dogs eating poop, as they like the taste going in but not when it comes out. Other additives to try are  spinach, pumpkin, garlic, and pickles.  Tabasco sauce and lemon are items to try, but these need to be placed into the faeces, not given orally.

If none of these work either separately or together, then your only cause of action is to either always keep the dog on a lead or to  put a muzzle on so they physically cannot get to it. 

Unfortunately the longer  the habit has lasted the harder it will be to stop dogs eating poop.  

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