House Training The Adult Dog


The Adult Dog needs a little extra care and attention from you



So instead of a puppy you’ve got your selves an adult dog, and he’s not house trained. Adult dogs can become confused when they move home, and even more so if they change owners and type of food as well. Patience is vital.


All dogs are, by nature, trainable even an adult dog, certain breeds are more trainable, or quicker to learn, than others. Toy dogs will be more difficult than larger dogs, due to their smaller bladder.


You have to learn to think like a dog, more so with adults than puppies, because they do not understand our language, although hopefully the adult dog has learnt to associate a few words.


It is important that you establish, if you, or the adult dog, is the boss very early on. This is about being firm and consistent at all times, never abusive, as this could turn him against you, before he has learnt to trust you. This new adult dog has to accept you as the Alpfa in his new pack, never allow him upstairs and always eat your meal before feeding him, if the latter is not possible then “spit” in his food. It makes him think you have eaten from the bowl first.


To enable you to house train the adult dog, it would be best if you were able to be with him all day to start with, so that you can get him into a regular regime, avoiding accidents. If not then it would be best to crate him, until you know he will be clean.


Do not leave food down for the adult dog, as it is better to feed at specific times, as it is then easier for you to regulate when he needs to relieve him self. It would be wise to treat the adult dog like a puppy, and to walk him first thing in the morning, immediately after waking up, 5 to 10 minutes after a meal and of course last thing at night. As an adult dog he should not find it difficult to last 3 –5 hours.


Every time he relieves him self out side reward him immediately, with something tasty.  Adult dogs often respond to treats better than puppies. The treat must be immediate, with lots of fuss from you; he’ll love you for it and want to please you again.


A lot of adult dogs will not eliminate when on the lead, so if he is not performing you need to keep him to your garden or find somewhere safe to let him off. If the adult dog is refusing to “go” out side then do not let him play, bring him in, keep him close or crate him for ½ an hour and try again.


Un-neutered  adult dogs may mark in the house so it may be wise to have him neutered to help stop this problem. He’ll feel a lot better with out them!


Any accidents need to be washed with propriety odour eliminators, available from most pet shops. Alternatively use white vinegar or bio-logical washing powder, never anything with ammonia in it.


 House Training the Adult Dog needs, love, patience, and understanding, he will reward you well for it.


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