Puppy  House Training.


Everyone needs to house train their puppy.  The old fashion way of a lot of shouting and spanking, and even pushing your puppy’s nose in his pee or poop, only serves to alienate your puppy, making him frightened of you. The truth is that it is no longer acceptable as there are far more  kinder ways getting better results that are not slow ineffective and abusive.

To succeed at house training you need to be attentive to your puppy so that you are fully aware of his body language, you will soon learn his little tell tale signs that he is about to relieve himself, they will be barely noticeable in the early days, but be patient and you will learn. As soon as you notice these signs, quickly scoop him up, trying not to alarm him and take him outside, to an area that you have decided to designate to his “toilet” area, and put him down, he will quickly do what he needs to do and as soon as he is finished make a very big fuss of him.

Try to organise yourself so that you have some tasty treats to hand to give to him to reinforce how good he is.  He will learn very quickly that it is a very pleasurable action to relieve him-self outside, rather than in the house.

Puppies really do want to please you, especially in the early days, which is why it is so important for you to try and give him your undivided attention. If you do there will not be many accidents in the house, except at night, needless to say if accidents happen you need to say and do nothing, except to clean it up, always use a biological cleaner to wipe over the soiled area, so that it neutralizes the smell, therefore not encouraging him to do the same again in the same place, in the house.

What you are doing is ignoring undesirable behaviour, and rewarding the good behaviour.

While you are going through this house training process it will be helpful if you have a command to get him to perform. So when you take him out repeatedly say “hurry up”, then he will learn to perform to command, very helpful if you are out and about and need him to relieve him-self quickly, or in a particular place.

Lastly, you need to be aware that your puppy will always need to relieve him-self  very soon after waking up, and very shortly after eating, and probably every couple of hours in-between.

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Be patient and understanding, the more frequently you take him out-side the sooner he will become house trained.

Good Luck!

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